A Creative Valentines Day Gift for Both of You..

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Well, here we are fast approaching the end of January. Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us.  Some people are racking their brains trying to find the perfect gift, while others will go with the easy and traditional overpriced flowers and candy.  Some will say screw it all together. Their significant others will just be pissed a day or three but alas, for some it likely happens every year.  I haven’t even mentioned all the single people who might enjoy handmade Valentine’s from their kiddos and buy the half-priced candy boxes on February 15th (good times)…

Now, I won’t say that men have it easy in the Valentine’s Day department, but it’s damn sure a whole lot easier to pick up a pretty wrapped box of chocolate and some already thrown together flowers, instead of guessing which power tool he doesn’t own already or picking concert tickets that aren’t going to cost you 4 times more than flowers.  Jewelry for her is always going to be a winner, guys (just in case someone had to tell you) and ladies- most likely you could win him over with a gun.  Let’s be honest, some of us would LOVE a gift certificate for a new tattoo, but for the ladies there’s an awesome gift for him as well as yourself-  boudoir photos! 😊

I gotta be real, some places are a little pricey, but if you shop around you can generally get a pretty good deal.  I went with a local girl who is growing her little business from the ground up. “Boudoir by Alexandria Kay Photography” (you can look her up on Facebook). I talked to her briefly about what I wanted, paid the deposit, and met her in a local motel for hair and makeup where she had lined up a set of mini shoots.  Although I had never had a boudoir session before this and wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I have to say I had a really great time! Even before I showed up that day I had been shopping for the outfits I wanted to wear, hair and makeup was included in the package I bought, and for all purposes being a little bit of a girly girl for the afternoon was a nice change from being just a mom in yoga pants.  

I know, being a woman, we don’t always feel like we’re the most gorgeous person in the room.  We judge ourselves and other woman harshly, but your man loves you for the beautiful person he sees (or at least most of you, but I’m sure it’s mutual).  Trust me when I tell you, he would love a boudoir calendar or book. Although you might think you wouldn’t enjoy the experience, it does wonders for the self-esteem!  On a little bit of a more informative note, I went full out glam for my photo shoot and was happy with the pictures.  Should I ever have the experience again, I think I would have enjoyed it more in an old t-shirt and some lace panties.  Just something to consider!


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