When My Youngest Child was Born the Doctor Suspected That He had a Heart Issue..

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It’s Saturday.  We got a ton of ice yesterday and I haven’t left my house since Thursday night. I got to wake up later than normal, enjoy my morning coffee in the quiet and make waffles with my youngest son. This is my weather. It totally appeals to me. I love no pants days where you just get to lounge around the house in your oldest comfy t-shirt, and binge watch your favorite shows while eating chips out of the bag. I had intended to head to the shop this evening and do a little adding to my garter tattoo, but since the weather has changed unfortunately so must my plans.
Lately I have been contemplating a ¾ sleeve for my right arm and winter seems to be my best time for scouting out images for ideas. I want to incorporate more than a few things into this tattoo. It will require more patience than I normally have.  I hate to wait, and I want to walk into an appointment and leave with an absolutely perfect finished product in the least amount of time.  So patience is just not my forte’, but hey, at least I’m aware of it.


Although I have several tattoos already, my right arm is my most favorite. When my youngest child was born the doctor suspected that he had a heart issue and after some testing, discovered the bottom chambers of his heart were not pumping blood. He was sent to the children’s hospital in Louisville where we spent 2 weeks. By the end of the stay, his lower heart chambers had expanded out and he was released to go home, though he required medicine for almost a year.

During the time we spent in the hospital I saved one of the original heart readings and tucked it away, and by the end of our stay I knew it would be my next tattoo.

As a gift for my birthday from a good friend, the following month I received it. It says,
“Hope for the best, Expect the worst. Most importantly, always believe.”
I paired that with a section of his heart EKG and a specially picked heart shape I left open on the bottom (since his heart was not perfect on the bottom).

My youngest is now a very healthy 5-year-old with a healed and perfect heart and 5 years later this is still my most favorite tattoo to tell the story about and my most favorite addition I made to my body thus far.

What are your favorites? What are their stories? Tell us and you might just see your post featured here. 🙂

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