You’re Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea, and That’s OK.

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What makes a person attractive to you? Make-up? Exercise? Tattoos? A little bit of junk in the trunk? For me, it’s a culmination of all kinds of things. Now I’m not saying husky guys aren’t hotties too, but there’s something to be said for the gym devoted guy or gal who’s finely chiseled. I myself am not the skinny “Victoria Secret” kinda girl; I’m more of an hourglass figure kind of woman. Everything curves right where it should and I’m good with that. Self-love is the most important love of all and my body carries me through daily life.

Love of my body and love of myself add to my interest in decorating my body. Some of my art is 14+ years old and others are relatively new, but it still doesn’t take away from my perception of how they add to my attractiveness. I can’t say it doesn’t give me a slight rush to know that they’re peaking out from underneath my clothes for others to see or that I won’t give a man more attention when I notice he is, in fact tattooed. I have been chased across the parking lot on more than several occasions for the garter on my thigh. I have to say, tattoos are most definitely my thing.

I have never been one to care for a shot at the doctor’s office, but I crave the buzz of a tattoo machine. It’s an addiction.  A welcomed touch, like a hand over your throat during sex. Pleasant and exciting, but a little uncomfortable at the same time. I seek it out when I want to relax. You see, I have a great artist who is also my friend. I find him interesting, I enjoy my time there, and above all he is honest with me on placement (what works, and what will not). I value that honesty in him. Everyone wants their art to hold up over time and last as long as possible. Some people go to the beauty shop to vent and get advice; me, I go to the tattoo shop. Although I do not spend nearly the time there that I would like to, I get there as often as I can.

Some people come into a shop with a hand-picked, fresh from the internet picture of the image they want, some draw theirs out. I have never been a follow the crowd type of woman so every tattoo I have on my body has been designed to fit my personality. Originality is my goal with my art. I want something special and unique to myself, something that speaks to me. Sometimes it’s as simple as drawing it onto the skin with an ink pen and other times it’s a stencil. Everyone’s experience is incomparable to another’s trip to the tattoo shop.

Now honestly, you will always hear it’s a permanent thing and it is. It’s going to take a lot more effort to get it off your body than it did to get it on, so choose wisely. I am all for it, but everyone is different and not a lot of people really wants to wake up at 6 am hungover and figure out they tattooed a cat’s ass around their belly button (although I’m sure there’s a couple who do). As momma used to say, “You’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s OK.” Same goes for tattoos 😊

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